MUJI Backpedals on the Word “By-catch”(無印良品が “混獲” 発言を撤回)


MUJI admitted to themselves and their suppliers harvesting and exploiting animals − blue sharks − listed on the IUCN Red List as “near threatened” species in their public statement released on June 7th.


MUJI, however, made a huge change to it on June 18th. They have now removed the word 'by-catch' claiming that it might have caused international misunderstanding. In fact, they very probably changed it after many people were outraged and contacted them to say that the concept of by-catch is, by its nature, unethical and unacceptable - especially with regard to long-lining in which dolphins and turtles are also often killed. MUJI must've thought using the word 'by-catch' would help defend their position, not realising it made them look even crueler. They clearly wish to move focus away from 'by-catch', instead claiming that harvesting and exploitation of blue sharks is no problem (even for an 'eco-company'!) because there are no national or international restrictions on the fishing of blue sharks.


Of course, a true environmentally-friendly company doesn't care about what the rules are, but about what is right for the planet. Once again, MUJI demonstrate that their 'eco-friendliness' is nothing but a PR lie designed to boost public profile and sales. They don't care at all about the environment unless it can put more money in their pockets.


MUJI Press Release:


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無印良品は、準絶滅危惧種としてIUCNレッドリストに登録された動物 −ヨシキリザメ−を彼らの商品に利用していることを、2013年6月7日発表のプレスリリースで認めました。






無印良品 プレスリリース:


*無印良品の矛盾点を追求したStop Shark Finningによる記事(英文):