Tokyo Shark Fin Ban Protest Brings Attention to Shark Crisis and MUJI’S CSR(東京の抗議活動、無印良品のCSRとサメの危機について関心を呼ぶ)

Around 40 people came to MUJI’s Yurakucho store in Tokyo on Sunday to join our protest “MUJI: Stop selling shark fin soup!”. MUJI is a Japanese retailer proclaiming itself loudly and proudly to be an environmentally-friendly organization, and yet, as they publicly admitted in their news release of June 7th, 2013, their shark fin soup comes largely from the harvesting and exploiting of blue sharks, a species listed on the IUCN Red List as “near threatened”. The level of actual threat to a species is hardly the issue here; it’s simply not appropriate for an eco-company to exploit any listed species.


We successfully held a peaceful and educational protest as we had planned, drawing a great amount of positive interest from passers-by. Now various media companies all around the world have covered our protest.


MUJI Japan still refuses even to accept delivery of our petition and signatures. We’ll keep raising our voices as we believe they will eventually see the contradiction in their CSR and find a better way to do business while still protecting the beauty and wonder of our planet for everyone that lives here.


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