MUJI TAIWAN Stopped Selling Shark Fin Soup!

Hi, there. Are you ready to dance for joy?


I have some fantastic news today. MUJI TAIWAN, one of the recipients of our petition and of a great number of e-mails since we embarked on this campaign, has STOPPED SELLING SHARK FIN SOUP and said they wouldn't offer it again in the future!


本日、素晴らしいお知らせを受け取りました。私たちの署名の宛先のひとつであり、署名運動開始時よりたくさんのメールを送り続けている MUJI TAIWAN(台湾)が、なんとフカヒレスープの販売を中止したのです!そして今後販売することもないと表明しています!

Humane Society International, which is now an official supporter of our campaign, reported that its partner group in Taiwan, the Taiwan SPCA, approached MUJI Taiwan with regards to the selling of shark fin soup. The Taiwanese arm of MUJI stated that they would stop selling shark fin soup and wouldn't offer the product again in the future. We have heard that it has indeed been removed from stores and from the MUJI Taiwan online shop. It's such wonderful news. 


みなさんご存知の世界的な動物・人権保護団体、Humane Society International (現在この署名運動の公式サポーター)によると、彼らのグループ団体であるTaiwan SPCAがMUJI TAIWANへ働きかけ、彼らはフカヒレスープの販売を中止し、さらに将来も販売をしないことを表明しました。さらに私たちは台湾現地の店頭及びオンラインストアにて当該商品が引き下げられていることを確認しています。これはとても素晴らしい前進です。

Never give up!
Never stop fighting for the protection of all beautiful marine life!


We're convinced we'll eventually persuade MUJI to remove all shark fin soup from their shelves worldwide and set a bright precedent for oceanic conservation here in Japan.


Thank you so much, everyone!! Please keep sharing our petition!